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All about Whitewater
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Friday, August 10, 2018

Even more poetry

Killing Time

Time slipped by but I didn't notice 
I was enjoying myself and never looked at my watch 
Time dragged on - boring me to tears 
I looked up but the scenery was unchanging seconds dripped and hung in the hallway 
like socks on a line 
I waited for the rent cheques to come in, the months are too long 
I just paid the rent and now its due again, the months are too short 
What took you so long - 
Man that was fast I think I might have cancer, there's no time to loose 
Slow down there's plenty of time we've got all day 
If I take the 7:05 I can get there five minutes early 
But that bus was five minutes early and I was ten minutes late 
Does anybody really know what time it is 
Hurry up and wait, hurry up and stop all my life is now 
I've waited a lifetime for this, 
I've dreamed of this all my life time is all we have 
so come on lets go and blow some time


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The spark betwen us

Do you remember the night our heads touched? between the pit and the pillows. In a strange haze Dreaming, awake or thinking there was a spark between us as our heads touched

Do you remember the light of the spark between us that woke the dream and broke the train of thought the night you got my mind and gave me your body you took my thoughts then drove me home

In hell frozen over on farmer's fields burning too hot one night could burn again as bridges fell and sparks ignited between soul mates


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The boomerang to some may be a wondrous machination 
Its flight from hand then back again 
defies ones expectation 
And while we don't expect we'll ever see 
that boomer's flight returned 
Its what we give and get in life 
that's paralleled we've learned 
Thrown from hand and left forgotten 
its not gone at all you see 
Just on its way in space and time 
and turning back to thee 
all coming back in ways unknown, 
forgotten it just might 
with equal force to that once thrown return in kind or fight


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When as a boy with no thoughts at all No words to think and life a ball older now with much in mind just white and black in a simpler time

Now wondering if thoghts make one blessed or burden the soul when the soul should rest not think the thought but stop to feel since thoughts on their own only cheapen whats real

Looked all around and what did we see people who once thought but still choose to be living and laughing and crying with those whose choose to live simply sharing life as it goes

but there are others who ache intheir hearts long for another, not their minds, but those parts of the lvoer that loves them, yes craving them too needing to be with them like I'm needing you

and others are happy but their words ring hollow Their eyes look past us thinking of loved ones they recollect They're not really happy but filled with regret wishing they spent more time holding hands not arguing points or debating their plans with thoughts like mine rushing like blood in the brain thoughts like my words falling empty in pain

trembling thoughts which through heart seem to say look now to the future forget yesterday but the tomorrow I've got - and a present won't wait its the present we need more than what's at the gate

Future uncertain not ours to be sure only for thinking and hoping they were today is the blessing and feeling so right I chooe to be with you each day and night


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The time of our life

Where are those moments when things seemed so right? 
We must have been sleeping when life was that bright 
It passed us i moments so fleeting like paintings of colours and textures workth keeping 
passively living that we don't even try tides roll in moments 
and they just passed us by 
No wanting or waiting till moments are through living each moment 
because I'm with you 
Finding in new ways with chapters begun without ever knowing 
the moment is done 
Moments aren't beter when looking back then 
older and wiser they won't cheat us again 
but too busy fighting and bucking the flow 
We don't notice the thief when he comes to the door 
Its time picking pockets and moments of life
snatching those moments when things seemed so right 
Another day comes we waste not one minute more 
We'll absorb it and feel it and let our hearts soar 
Each moment now while our hearts are still beating 
Releasing our minds leave the heart that is seeing 
Living each moment the best way we can 
Ask for God's mercy should that moment end 
Not asking for moments when things seemed so right 
since time slips away like a thief in the night 
not wanting or waiting til one moment is through 
just sharing each moment, because I love you


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Choices and Consequences

Cast upon celestial sphere lie countless points of light 
Stars that shine hang deep beyond the boundless edge of night 
Cardinal winds lift wings up high upon their holy flight 
Seven seas roll high and vast, tossed on by godly might

Mountains dwelling unimpressed 
on continents that move teeming billions breath the sky 
and share each breath with you 
Whose beating heart and pulse of life 
could not be found untrue 
Great forces that have joined us here now ask what we will do

You look at me as I at you and wonder just the same 
Are you the one completing life, the reason why we came? 
Existing upon the earth in some great plan sustained 
or just another passing ship upon life's shifting main?

No heartaches worse than loveless cursed, if their love is discarded 
No hole is deep enough to hide in darkness once they've parted 
Declared love scorned, left shunned and alone, not just broken hearted 
For if one asked for love again, would not another just be started

Why would ask if they were sure, their choice if ever made 
for finding one they felt they loved, that place should never trade 
God help the souls who would ever doubt their choice if doubt infiltrate 
The flood which flows will decimate best plans if ever laid

Can love so strong survive, not wither look where once were lovers 
now two strangers lie with no passion, and no meaning, no cause for which to try 
Just motions passed through endless days, if love there, they deny

But love, will endure, both time and space, 
yet some it grows still stronger and two were friends - and nothing more - 
will find that each will long for the time the spend may never end, 
and then they start to wonder If their lover were meant to be, 
then apart they' d be no longer

So as the sun will rise, and cross the sky, beyond a love's December 
and tears were cried and friends have died, long after they remember 
as old and grey those two who stayed through life are still together 
their love was strong yes strong enough stand what others could not weather

But what's hard to grasp in all of this 
is how in God's creation 
That two had met and fell in love and sealed their new formation 
Through one embrace, a kiss or touch, 
within this constellation 
still a better match could not be made 
in wildest imagination


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The changing Face of time

When rays descent upon its face shadows fall, but leave no trace 
They measure time and then erase all signs of what had taken place 
Light and darkness dance on its base and quickly vanish with a haze 
oblique lines that mark our phase, its time escaping time we waste

Time that's passed is not replaced, and time observed 
upon that face will weem to linger, it will not race, 
until at last averting gaze we find that time has taken days, 
and months then years and left in grace and looking back from golden age, 
thank good for life and sing his praise

Now quickly flashes lighs and beams, 
we move at speed of light it seems no time to sleep, 
no time to call, 
our life has just turned digital blinking , 
flashing, flitting red, there's numbers moving by our bed 
we know the time in seven zones 
with wires' running through our homes 
the face of time has changed for we 
who cannot stop to even breathe 
and when we die good chance we'll see 
computers tell us when to leave

connected by exotic threads, 
their brains no longer fill their heads electrodes sparking 
all along they have no need for flesh and bone 
no arms, no legs, they can't forget their life's become an internet 
so alpha an omega, their bottled life goes on 
they've come to see the future but the face of time has gone


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Ode to a Rose

Surrounded by thin walls of serenity there beats a restless heart pressing in on complacency which causes one o start ehn wondering if the time has come to once again depart you'd leave comfort and safety - escape from hell is art.

Sitting on a tin roof, baked too hot by sun a need to move materialized, and now you want to run away from simple lassitude, still you reach toward no one A peculiarly human choice, a choice is clearly none

Away, fly away, from thiose most close to you for as they gather near they might just see the darkest side and thoughts of it strike fear your empty heart cannot escape from eyes thy pry and tear the mask has dropped and left behind the one inside the mirror Look back at me oh changing face you are not really in control You're merely moving with the flow with those upon the road Each step you take just leads fruther fromt he only path you've known but perhaps some day, and some other place, you'll finally be at home

But happy days have long since passed and days weill seem to fly A life that's planned but meaningless, why do you even try? Still plan you do, and so neat and clean your selves are high and dry God forbid a speck of dust should drift and settle by

What is that suit of cloths you wear? How did you get that life? Possessed too much then sold it all, left children and a wife? Your shiny place in some new town has taken a high price Just carry on, each day anew with each friend you valuize

What good is life when theire's no love and love you'd have to earn what good is love that you receive giving nothing in return so having loved they found their love was destined to be spurned and hands that felt the flame are shay after they were burned

You find your road is strainght and like a stretching wire the side trips that you thought you'd take never do transpire knowing how your path had started you know it leads no where you leave one hell to find the next until that dream expires

so you're never tired, still you can't sleep You're never sad but find no peace You're not alone, you have your' friends they just come around and leave again


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The universe and mr. Potato head

The deep distant domain of the gods defies our penetration our pathetic probes and telescopes are no better than our imagination But ist as far as any of us have seen and we haven't seen a fraction of it yet Looking skyward into the vst blueness is as close to infinity as we can get "What's out there in the great beyond?" so many have asked are we on some odd loop that circles round and merely takes us back universe expanding or galzxies contracting, stars exploding what a place! in all the sky that we can see there is no other earth or even a trace of life that will speak to us - and how lonely that can be Because our little globe of blue and white is the only one we see

so frustrated we turne our search inwards and proudly line up atoms on shiny wafers of tin but just as before we are stymied and stumped as their size retreats within There is no way for us to tell if our atoms interact we sense somehow that its our chemistry that attracts with tiny fragments so small and so fast their passing right through neutrinos, quarks and photons, are attracting me and you

Deep within the mind of Mr. Potato head is a growing awareness of who we are and what we've done and said but our efforts to poke and probe and see the way things really are don't fully give the answers or the guide we seek the sum will never equal the parts what's lumped and split informs us - but our wisdom remains weak


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Dying embers

Will you stay with me - and talk with me for just a little while? Right here by the fire even though you must be tired and hold me for a moment but one that just might last until the moment comes the morning and the evenings' past

but the fire is out, whilte the embers still glow you've gone off to bed and the light is all low But my need was too great, - I had hoped that you'd know And I wish you had asked me before leaving to go


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Snow Worship

Winter's my religion on a bright december day 
sifting through fresh fallen flakes 
wearing snowshoes on the trail 
mother winter holds me, her blanket made of snow 
father sky bestowes me with his peaceful blue and cold 
dazzling solar diamonds, dress the white and frozen crust 
a frosty feast and wonderland of wind blown angel's dust 
crisp shadows cross my path and point me to the south 
strobing sunlight through the trees - erasing any doubts 
seasons reassure me, winter's constant like the sun 
promising renewal - not salvation should it come 
wrapped in wintry silence - seeming lifeless but soon reborn 
from dormancy to flourish just as life will be restored


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Tell me

Will you come and meet with me underneath the moon? in darkness bathed in lightness just like we used to do each cycle of the planet with the silver orb in sky was something I would long for just knowing you'd be mine

Our fingers dripped with moonlight cast through the window sill Your hair with golden firelight - a memory haunts me still my hands felt the silken smoothness and softenss of your skin returned by sweet caresses and the heat that burned within

A vision in the temple of love illuminated would rise before the alter as we wildly consumated naken passion moved and pulsed together in the night our heaving bodies drench with sweat which shimmered inthe light

abnd when we both were finished minds numb and bodies spent lying there as hearts beat down to synchopated rest no sweeter moment has there been as drifting off to sleep I felt your body nest to mine and love ran true and deep

Such is the rush of temporal code that flashes as I dream an image of us locked in time we two will only see But dreams are not enough for me - I need to know you're there wanting all the things I do - that dream is meant to share

Tell me now you'll meet with me with the moon is cycling high and shine yourself upon me as the starlight tumbles by The work may spin in silence but we will join and fly far far from terra firm, those souls ignited cannot die


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Musical Sex

The knife blades chopping, clacking, slicing snipping rythmically clipping The piston pump's pumping - snorkling, pocca pocketing musically thumping The steam engine's steaming - chug chuggalug chugging

Are we really like that - we try not to think so 
WE make music panting and heaving sighing and sometimes laughting and crying when cold humans come together though coldly it is a prick -ly pot of mechanical parts and picks So their vibrating tool is humming, clicking and whirring 
Strangely, its satisfying, while buzzing and tantalizing 
she with wet lips and fingers fools herself as she dreams on but sooths herself too and he is no better plays it all by ear, 
beat beat beating whap whap whapping and drum drum drumming with his one good hand 
Its a caccaphony of misery when playing in the one man band 
They coming together - moaning and groaning huffing and puffing, 
squeaknig and shaking as they rattle and roll slurping and sucking as they are passionately fucking until symbols clashing their music is gone 
ah but somewhere in the distant hills the memory of that melody echoes still like some catchy tune you can't turn off compelling you to play it again, and again and again since you first heard it in the distance or through the wall in some small town 
where a pickup group was a pickin and a grinnin or as a nifty little ditty in a disco city where the beat when on and on


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Between Us

Things between us cannot be seen, nor can they be heard

No dangerous words too hot in frigid lands

like gental touching - skin on skin by urgent longing hands

Or voices that beseech us in a dimly lit recess

encouraging our lips and tongue to places never guessed

Things between us cannot be seen or heard

unseen - the redness, unfelt the wetness

of swollen parts that ache and crave their desperate release

unheard gasping bodies lying blissful once they're spent

Unread minds, not of this world - ecstatic, heaven sent

those things that come are between us, unknown

and too powerful for mated souls

unknown musk beneath a moon soaked in sultry sounding jazz

unspeakable candlelit moments which dare to be cried out

As they are between us and no one else

Stripped of daily burdens - painful memories are obscured

by love and lust imagined

then unknown, by us procured


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The Summer of Susan

Love's a funny thing You don't look for it, 
it finds you and when it hits - oh lordy 
Do the senses come alive with the brush of skin on skin 
stirring a dizziness while the sweetness of those kisses could never end

Older and wiser though far from invulnerable one summer 
He'd lost his resolve, finding himself unlike he'd been before 
with masks stripped and the borders dropped 
He stood bare -heart on his sleeve

Unless you'd turned to ice, and were frozen to the core 
I'm sure you'd have known the deal, and if you'd seen this all before 
with faith restored you'd know those feelings were real 
and wouldn't soon be leaving that scene

It was the summer that he met Susan the summer 
that changed everything and he was wondering what to do 
when he checked out of the deep freeze into the warm summer air

Then came their questions, the uncertainty about the future 
quite rightly
but who gives a care about the future 
when the one you love is right in front of you?

Then came their plans, the hope about life 
which we need for survival, which is the meaning of life 
our dependence on another day yet to come for salvation

Then came their schemes 
The intricate webs of truth and dare borne of minds on fire and hearts of passion 
whose point was the focus of two people 
longing for each other at any cost

Yet to come, the moments rehearsed a thousand times 
played out in slow motion but never exactly as imagined 
making our explanations after the fact 
after the decisions are all said and done 
because their hearts had made the decisions for them

Now he'd had his summer of Susan and 
He'd be needing the rest of his life with her too


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Lady of the light

The lady of the light she comes 
to pass from room to room upon the heels of night with wax - upon the verge of truth

The silence of the evening brings her solitude enough and candles lit release her soul transcending it with love and peace as ghostly tapers glow

The shades of lighness dance and fall she moves from room to room upon the heels of night with dreams where no one else intrudes

The lady of the night with light the glow cast room by room her silent temple of the night in light with hope imbued

she sees the light and sees her life and longs for love renewed


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Three words

I told him so many times in different ways how much I loved him those were my words not his And though the time we spent together -was meaningful days had passed not having heard what my thoughts had turned But he just couldn't say the words Just three words he could but would not say the words I longed to hear

But I had felt the impact of those words they weren't easy -not easy to say until they had never been so true then they flowed like time into the future with hope as their star But he just couldn't say those words three words he couldn't say the words I longed to hear

Then years had passed us together happily snuggled in our bed or smiling on the range laughing in the wind and sun He never ever said those words and yet we are still one while others had come and gone He remains today He couldn't say those words three words I have never heard three words he couldn't say Yet he remains today In love


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Quantum Steps

Where is the source that we've never seen 
We know it was with us when we all came to be Traces of value yet uncertainty and oh how we miss them, so why did they leave?

Alive yet barren they existed, with nothing and everything unseen quantum-like thresholds, to be transcended - when the time was right

Discovery lay before them, finding what had always been discovering what was always there for twin flames and soul mates made self aware

Pure thoughts of recognition were borne in the whitest light casting shadows on the past drawn forward by life

Acelerating bands moving outward expanding from pin points, to expose new vistas behind - those who moved too slowly or held back by their silver threads

They were the starlight becoming our hope twin flaming lovers and soul mates eloped daring to leave us, their source was their own yet we can still see them, their essence still glows


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Kissed by the River

Like storied beginnings we know there's an end but a river runs through us to-day 
it saves us from emptiness kissed near its banks 
though our wishes together may wane

Long days of longing and longer the nights 
We walked cold from our subsided pyres 
like a river that flows without life -has no life like a river, 
our lives were those nights

Kissed by the river, adorned by its light 
sheltered by kindness and love 
showed us the way to the new waters edge 
we know its beginning, but we don't know the end 
still it follows the river - and will leave us as friends

Something so new and so wonderful borne 
like sun dappled waves given birth each with beginnings 
and each with an end 
and we watch them together in love

ride on the river and taste its sweet light
imagine still onwards- the sea 
The salt like that kiss sweeps us on to the end 
where our wishes and hopes set us free

Ride on the river, or kiss on its banks 
and salty - that kiss finds the sea know river's beginning, 
we may know its end 
but its depth wished and hoped soon shall be


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Long Goodbyes

Lovers enamoured are stealing their glances 
nothing deters their soft gaze 
pained by their parting the moment enhances 
sweet sorrow of romance is plain

Fingers will linger but longer the kiss 
Soft lips burn passion's desire 
Sparks surging into the heart of their matter 
and leaving them tortured by fire

Words suffer silence - they cannot be said 
with time in its perilous flight 
For words are not worthy in moments like those 
so unspoken they cut like a knife

"Tell me you love me", "I'm branded, I'm your's" 
Mark them on leaving - that day 
If life was to end in an instant - no fear 
Just together, together, they pray

Minds spin in ecstacy, hearts loving free 
'til finally leaving they sigh 
the parting is over the pining begins 
for they love these exquisite goodbyes.


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Children of Mercy

The child of gentle mercy took years for him to know 
and had they met what little chance or time for them to grow

Then somewhere down the road long years when paths were set 
like sailors heading eastward in convoys heading west

A world that cut no favours yet somehow still they met 
though chance for them was faded two hearts could be impressed

Fate delivered destinies and love enough to know 
Their choice of steps made promises together they'll grow old


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On one's deathbed nobody will ever say "give me more space"

Space is silent, and vast between two people who have stopped talking to each other

Space... the last frontier is anxiety provoking, love and hate are dynamically induced in the astronaut who loves the trip, but longs for mother earth

Space, is a cure-all for too much stuff but with no limits to space how do you find the stuff you're looking for? and how do you know what you've found isn't really someplace else too, because with infinite stuff in infinite space how could you think straight?

Lost in space, you may last forever circling like a comet, or burn up in a star with the ass of your spacesuit on fire

Space is owned by nobody, but everybody owns space

My mind traverses space faster than the speed of light One blink and I'm there since, eyes closed, there is no space but there is emptiness - without you

Spaced out, outer Space, inner Space inner place, inner join, not cold and lonely but warm and filled like the cup -not half empty that space, but space half filled

In space, parsecs can stretch out their parallax angles for a whole second It took me lightyears to learn that! Normal people never say, give me some parsecs Thats too far really, too far

My space, abhors a vacuum, like nature does it wants all the stuff you can put into it but for a man of simple needs the thing I need most in my space is you


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Changed by Looking

You look at me and I change I'm not the same as I was 
with no explanation for this its what your looking does to me 
my window opens for your eyes only So your view is unique 
No one else can see through your portal even I cannot 
because your looking changes me 
I never see the me you see 
I can only be the one I am who changes when you look at me

My eyes were closed, and I was asleep 
but you stirred from rest and looked at me 
but by looking I changed, suddenly waking to see you 
no longer asleep - we make love did the looking change us?

I looked at you and you changed 
I saw beauty and grace 
but then your window opened and I saw an ocean of love 
so I dove in- on the spur of that moment 
My looking sent me for a swim but your looking let me in 
we change in each others eyes 
from the ones we are to the ones we can be


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In Natural Light

In the clear light of the day when our secrets are displayed 
I saw the truth revealed between us and its made me feel this way

I don't need another reason to make my next decision 
Uncovered by the window dressings Illuminated by the omnipresent sun

I saw you in the natural light your heart was clear and bright no storms could dull the softness of it or its silken shape so slight

unshadowed first communion solar diamonds played without confusion 
impressed us with what we could see and feel, instictively as we move on

The wonder of love in mornings glow a closeness never known 
communicated souls in heavens grace where true love only grows

Better days, ahead recall aided by the one we saw natural light 
and natural law together, somehow, where we belonged


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I wish that I could find the words so I could tell you what its like being downtown in the city watching all the people on the street

And she don't care - no she's not thinking of me She doesn't know that - I'm alive She don't care - 'sides maybe there's another that's she's in love with - What chance have I?

Well I head out on the street until I can get some sleep I know someday soon we'll meet Until that moment ...

So I head out on the street hoping somewhere soon we'll meet and until then - baby please Keep looking for me

I promise not to be annoying But can you try to understand? I can't keep on the way I'm going cause after all,I'm - just a man

No, no, no, don't freak out or say you hate me Just because I've lost my nerve Yes, Yes, Yes - For sure, I'll always love you And I will give you what you deserve

Well I head out on the street until I can get some sleep I know someday soon we'll meet Until that moment ...

So I head out on the street hoping somewhere soon we'll meet and until then - baby please Keep looking for me


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Render unto Caesar

The price of love is paid these days in blood and sweat and tears 
where nothing in this world is free and our pleasures cause us fear 
No wishes made for peace and harmony within this universe or hope for true love is delivered 
as love through us alone is cursed unless Caesar has approved it 
A simple smile, or glance between us shall raise the wrath of God 
and summer storms of sixth degree that all should fail their cause 
and leave us shattered on the street and wounded by the laws 
but kings and queens show deference to their subject's supplication 
and pass their judgement more cautiously to the weak's humiliation 
Or better still the mangey few who understood at once their need -
and kept them happy where they slept 
dreaming we all are the fools in glass and stone they seek 
but who actually throw them biscuits, floral wrapped 
so the mighty once placated may suffer us the love we share 
or less likely confiscate it 
For no Caesar could command that force, -our love cannot be earned 
or gained in battle to the death such love would just be spurned 
Its fused in spirit not the flesh 
no way to change the heart 
Only battered souls coincident 
at least this much we've learned


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Friendship, love and lust

So what's the way you feel with me? he asked his fair companion the 'what' you guessed- while still feeling fine, she answered in this fashion the friendship, love, and lust I've felt it comes at different times and I've no shame to feel that way when your're with me - oh love of my mine

but then the way we were today... we walked and ran and played We've never needed words for fill and time just slipped away I love the satisfaction of days glowing to their end and never have I felt - as fine since I could count you friend

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Canadian Rivers

Canadian Rivers
I speak for river users too!

The Queen is not amused!

The Queen is not amused!

The Damned Dam - 2005 -

The Damned Dam - 2005 -
22nd Annual Kipaw Rally has modest turnout. - 23rd does better

The Ashlu river: it could happen to you

The Ashlu river: it could happen to you

Whitewater Ontario

Whitewater Ontario
Working Hard to Protect Canada's Paddling Resources

Whitewater Ontario - Mission Statement

It is Whitewater Ontario’s mission to support the whitewater paddling community through the promotion, development and growth of the sport in its various disciplines. We accomplish this through the development of events, resources, clubs, and programs for personal and athletic development, regardless of skill level or focus, to ensure a high standard of safety and competency; We advocate safe and environmentally responsible access and use of Ontario’s rivers. Whitewater Ontario is the sport governing body in the province, and represents provincial interests within the national body Whitewater Canada and the Canadian Canoe Association

Kipawa, Tabaret, and Opemican

Kipawa, Tabaret, and Opemican
If Hydro Quebec is not actively pursuing Tabaret what is that bite out of Opemican for?

Kipawa Dam: After

Kipawa Dam: After
Laniel Dam at 2006 Rally

Where is the Kipawa

Where is the Kipawa
Kipawa flows into lake Temiskamingue, running from Kipawa Lake, under hwy 101 in Quebec

Kipawa Dam

Kipawa Dam
laniel dam at 2004 River Rally

Tabaret is a Bad Idea

About the Kipawa

The best thing paddlers can do to help the cause of the Kipawa:

1. attend the rally and bring others including non paddlers to attend and buy beer and have fun

2. write your MP /MNA and raise the issue and post your objections -1 letter = 200 who didn't write

3. Write Thierry Vandal the CEO of Hydro Quebec strongly opposing the 132 MW standard decrying the use of "diversion" as the most environmentally inappropriate method of power production

4. Write Jean Charest, Premier of Quebec protesting that either the algonquin or the tabaret project will eliminate all other values on the Kipawa River by turning it into a dry gulch.

5. See if you can get other allied groups interested by showing your own interest, ie the Sierra Defense Fund, Earthwild, MEC, and so on.

6. Demand further consultation

7. Currently we are at the point where we need to sway public opinion and raise awareness.

However, if all else fails, don't get mad, simply disrupt, foment, and protest . The Monkey Wrench Gang.

Have you read Edward Abbey?

Important Addresses
CEO,Hydro Québec, 75 boul René Levesque, Montreal, P.Q., H2Z

Tabaret is a Bad Idea (Part Two)

Les Amis de la Riviere Kipawa is poised to use an application to the Federal Court to issue a Writ of Mandamus to ensure the Minster does what he is supposed to do, protect the public's right to navigate the water control structure at Laniel, Quebec using the Navigable Waters Protection Act. (see

In the now gutted Navigable Waters Protection Act lay the means by which the Minister of Transport could keep the public right of passage down our great Canadian Heritage, our rivers and streams which are threatened especially by resource corporations and power brokers such as Hydro Quebec.

These powerful entities continue to petition that 'this' river or 'that' stream is not navigable and therefore not protectable.
I don't say that dams and bridges should not be built, only that if they are, historical navigation rights should be considered and preserved by making reasonable accommodations for recreational boaters.

It is the Minister of Transport, in exercising the right to allow or disallow work on or over a navigable waterway is what keeps boats and recreational boaters plying our waterways.

To many recent cases launched in the Federal Court concerning the Navigable Waters Protection Act, most recently the case of the Humber Environment Group of Cornerbrook Newfoundland versus the Cornerbrook Pulp and Paper Company indicates that the important oversight is not being faithfully performed. Have we really come to the point now where we must say "such and such a stream is one foot deep, possessing so many cubic feet per second flow and so on?" The answer to this is... YES!

The honourable Mr. Justice John A. O'Keefe, ruled that it had not been shown that the river was navigable. How convenient was that to the Minister? But either the Minister of Transport acts to protect our rivers and streams as a public right or he does not and that means rivers and streams currently enjoyed by kayakers and canoists.

Enough of the cheating, and double-talk. Canadians! our rivers and streams are our own, lets urge the Minister of Transport and the our government to protect them.

Peter Karwacki

Tabaret is a Bad Idea (Part Three)

10 Reasons WhyTabaret is a Bad Idea1) Tabaret is too big. The station is designed to useevery drop of water available in the Kipawawatershed, but will run at only 44 percent capacity.We believe the Tabaret station is designed to usewater diverted from the Dumoine River into theKipawa watershed in the future. 2) The Tabaret project will eliminate the aquaticecosystem of the Kipawa River.The Tabaret project plan involves the diversion of a16-km section of the Kipawa River from its naturalstreambed into a new man-made outflow from LakeKipawa. 3) Tabaret will leave a large industrial footprint on thelandscape that will impact existing tourismoperations and eliminate future tourism potential. 4) The Tabaret project is an aggressive single-purposedevelopment, designed to maximize powergeneration at the expense of all other uses. 5) River-diversion, such as the Tabaret project, takinglarge amounts of water out of a river’s naturalstreambed and moving it to another place, is verydestructive to the natural environment. 6) The Kipawa River has been designated a protectedgreenspace in the region with severe limitations ondevelopment. This designation recognizes theecological, historical and natural heritage value ofthe river and the importance of protecting it.Tabaret will eliminate that value. 7) If necessary, there are other, smarter and morereasonable options for producing hydro power onthe Kipawa watershed. It is possible to build a lowimpactgenerating station on the Kipawa river, andmanage it as a “run-of-the-river” station, makinguse of natural flows while maintaining other values,with minimal impact on the environment. 8) The Kipawa watershed is a rich natural resource forthe Temiscaming Region, resonably close to largeurban areas, with huge untapped potential fortourism and recreation development in the future.Tabaret will severely reduce this potential. 9) Tabaret provides zero long-term economic benefitfor the region through employment. The plan is forthe station to be completely automated andremotely operated. 10) The Kipawa River is 12,000 years old. The riverwas here thousands of years before any peoplecame to the region. The Tabaret project will change all that.

Problems on a local River?

  • There is more to do as well but you have to do your research and above all, don't give up.
  • IN the meantime prepared a document itemizing the history of navigation of this spot and its recreational value. Use the Kipawa river history of navigation as a guide: see
  • Under the Ministry of Environment guidelines you have a set period of time to petition the change under the environmental bill of rights, you may have limited time to take this action. But it involves going to court for a judicial review of the decision.
  • 4. contact the ministry of natural resources officials and do the same thing.
  • 3. contact the ministry of the environment and determine if they approved the project
  • 2. determine if the dam was a legal dam, approved under the navigable waters protection act.
  • 1. research the decision and timing of it to determine if an environmental assessment was done.

Minden Ontario

Minden Ontario
Gull River Water control at Horseshoe lake

A History of Navigation on the Kipawa River

Prior to the environmental assessment there was no signage at the Laniel Dam

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T-Shirts Area: These are available now!
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